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E-textile ballet shoes trace a dancer’s movements

Out There | November 24, 2014 | By:

What if a ballerina could visually follow her movements in order to better focus on her technique and style? An e-textile pointe shoe called E-traces, designed by Lesia Trubat, makes it possible to capture the dancer’s movements and transform them into a visual representation by embedding the technology inside the sole of the shoe and on the pointe.

After watching how they move, Trubat realized that a LilyPad Arduino micro-controller board could record the pressure and actions of her feet and send the signal to an electronic device. A mobile application allows the user to view the data graphically and even to customize it, watching how she performed in video format, with the added ability to extract images and even print them. In this way, a dancer is able to interpret her choreography and correct it or compare it with others.

The technology could be applied in other disciplines with the possibility of a variety of applications.

Photos and video: Lesia Trubat
Photos and video: Lesia Trubat

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