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Sympatex wins Future Materials Award 2014

Industry News | December 8, 2014 | By:


Sympatex Technologies has received the Future Materials Award 2014 for its Sympatex Phaseable® technology. Granted by the World Textile Information Network (WTiN) the award is juried by 20 experts from the industry, research and the media. They cited “very interesting innovative construction, and outstanding environmental considerations” in their decision.

This new ecological alternative prevailed over six other finalists in the category, “Best Innovation – Sportswear and Outdoor Apparel.” The laminate offers an intelligent climate regulation by using a dynamic thermal insulation. It is especially suitable for high levels of physical effort during sports and outdoor activities.

The 2.5-layer laminate works like this: The three-dimensional half-layer on the inside of the laminate only touches the skin punctually in the form of foam points. During the recovery phase of the athlete, an insulating air layer is created between the skin and the laminate. When the physical activity is increased, moisture is produced, which lets the compact hydrophilic Sympatex membrane swell up. Thus, the foam points disappear, the distance to the skin is reduced, and the laminate gets closer to the skin. This offers a better moisture transport and breathability. In addition, the breathability increases during higher levels of physical activity due to the dynamic climate regulation.

There are also environmental benefits. As an ecological alternative among functional textile specialists, Sympatex doesn’t use any solvents for its technology. The carbon footprint is also kept as low as possible, because the laminate is entirely produced within the EU.

Sympatex® Technologies produces high-tech functional materials in clothing, footwear, accessories and technical applications. With selected partners, Sympatex develops, produces and distributes membranes, laminates and functional textiles, and finished products worldwide.

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