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Multibar lace with 3D and three-color effects from Karl Mayer

Out There | February 6, 2015 | By:

The conspicuously inconspicuous catsuit may not be the type of thing to wear for undercover work, but it certainly is a stylish piece for attracting attention. More to the point, textile machinery manufacturer Karl Mayer has succeeded in making a 3D lace with a striking camouflage effect.

The fabric for this garment has a semi-geometrical pattern and was produced in gauge 28 E on a machine of the ML series by Karl Mayer. It features filigree leaf stems in between concise wavy lines combining classical style and the geometrical.

With the mixture of style elements, there is also color matching. Whereas the purple curved areas consist of cationic polyester, which was colored in a second dyeing phase, the ML 46 has processed matt and lustrous nylon when producing the leaves. The variable surface look is produced by varying the number of filaments, which again leads to unequal dye sorption: the filament-rich lustrous areas dye lighter than their low-filament counterparts.

The tonality in blue is shown off to a great advantage by the high stitch density. Because of the large number of stitches per centimeter the pattern yarns located behind the fringe are pressed into the foreground and give the leaf design a discreetly three-dimensional appearance. Other features of this multi-bar lace are that it has good extension in the longitudinal direction and a regular, neat ground.

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