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Noble Biomaterials expanding in Europe

Industry News | June 5, 2015 | By:

Scranton, Pa.-based Noble Biomaterials Inc., developer of advanced technologies for conductive functions such as power and data transfer, is expanding its European market reach for its hospital garments.

According to Stephan Winnen, managing director for the European market, “We are currently investigating and tapping deeper into the various European markets. Though we have around 80 percent market penetration in hospital garments used in operating rooms and intensive-care units in the Benelux countries, we are still building up stronger brand awareness in other European markets, including Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. We have a multilingual international sales team with expertise in the fields of smart textiles, performance apparel and healthcare.”

Noble’s Circuitex®, which allows the combination of highly conductive properties with the soft and flexible nature of textile surfaces, is designed for products used in body monitoring, shielding and heating for both hi-tech and consumer markets. The company’s advanced conductive materials detect and monitor human physiological signals for fitness or healthcare applications. The market for conductive technology includes such products as chest straps, wearable EKG vests, headbands and sports apparel with built-in electrodes and sensors.

The company’s bacterial-management solutions and conductive technologies enable conductivity, odor elimination and infection prevention. It develops, manufactures, and markets advanced technologies for defense, industrial and consumer markets, in addition to its medical applications.

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