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Patagonia introduces Merino Air

What's New? | August 7, 2015 | By:

Photo: Patagonia
Photo: Patagonia

Ventura, Calif.-based performance-clothing maker Patagonia has introduced the Merino Air base layer that it says offers more warmth, breathability and better fit than conventional merino base layers, while maintaining the natural odor-fighting properties of wool.

To create Merino Air, Patagonia refined three steps driven by the company’s commitments to technical innovation and protecting the environment: 1. The merino wool is sourced directly from the grasslands of Patagonia using regenerative agricultural practices that reverse damage to the environment; 2. the wool is treated using an air-jet process that creates yarn of greater loft and insulation value than conventionally spun wool; and 3. using a computerized knitting machine, the lofted wool and polyester yarns are knit directly into a seamless garment with minimal waste.

Merino Air top and bottom base layers are available for both men and women.

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