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European committee decides on PFOA restriction

EcoNote | September 18, 2015 | By:

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has backed proposals by Norway and Germany to restrict the manufacture, marketing and use of PFOA, (pentadecafluorooctanoic acid) its salts and PFOA-related substances, as well as articles and mixtures containing these substances.

A byproduct of perfluorocarbons, PFOAs are often used in oil and water-repellent fabrics. The report released September 15 says, “PFOA is a persistent, bio-accumulative, and toxic substance (PBT). Due to these properties, it may cause severe and irreversible adverse effects on the environment and human health.”

PFOA and its salt (APFO) have been identified as substances of very high concern (SVHCs) under REACH. PFOA and PFOA-related substances are used, additionally, in a range of industrial applications as well as consumer products.

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