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It pays to have this jacket

Out There | September 18, 2015 | By:

Payment jacketbPay chip makes payment possible with the swipe of a sleeve.

Scottish clothing brand Lyle and Scott now have a contactless payment jacket to add to your wardrobe. Featuring bPay technology by Barclaycard, the sportswear-styled jacket with hood has an unobtrusive cuff tab where the contactless bpay chip can be inserted.

The chip enables the wearer to make payments of up to £30 with a tap of the cuff at any contactless terminal. The chip is valid for two years, after which time it will not work for contactless payments.

The company says the jacket is a first and is touting it as “the next step in satisfying the consumer’s need for flexibility and convenience.”

Barclaycard launched its first bPay contactless band over a year ago. The second generation version was introduced earlier this year.

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