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Arkema expands markets for Kynar foam extrusion technology

Industry News | December 28, 2015 | By:

Arkema is expanding the use of its Kynar® foam extrusion technology into new markets in which a chemically resistant, fire-resistant and high-temperature polymer foam is required. These markets include oil and gas, transportation, semiconductors, wire and cable and a wide range of industrial markets. With the thermal-insulation properties inherent in these materials, this technology would be well suited for fluid transfer systems where heat retention is a key objective, the company says.

The new technology allows for density reductions of up to 45 percent depending upon process and structure. This reduction is a key benefit in markets such as the chemical process industry and the marine and geomembrane markets. The density reductions will not only provide materials that are cost advantageous for these markets, but will also provide materials that maintain their chemical, corrosion and UV resistance while offering durability and weatherability.

Arkema, with American operations based in King of Prussian, Pa., makes high-performance materials, industrial specialties and coating solutions, and concentrates on lightweight materials, renewable feedstocks, energy generation and storage, water treatment, electronics and 3D printing.

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