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Vibrating yoga pants lend a guiding hand

Out There | February 18, 2016 | By:

For struggling yogis who can’t always make it to the gym, Wearable Experiments offers vibrating pants to correct errant form.

Created by Billie Whitehouse, CEO of the Sydney, Australia-based developer of technical apparel, and co-founder Ben Moir, Nadi smart leggings feature tiny electronics woven into the nylon fabric positioned on the wearer’s hips, knees and angles. The sensors are calibrated, and an accompanying app, through a subtle vibration, alerts the wearer to move into the correct position, similar to the guiding hands of a yoga instructor. Once aligned correctly, the tights give off a gentle “om” hum.

The Nadi tights survive up to 25 washings. The product should be available for pre-sale in May. The team hopes to create a charging basket wearers can toss the tights into after a workout.

Other Wearable Experiments products include a jacket that uses haptic signals to give wearers directions around a city and a shirt that simulates what a professional athlete is feeling during televised sporting events. The group is also looking at developing smart apparel for such sports as boxing, cycling and weightlifting.

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