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Ecoalf upcycles ocean trash into yarns for fabric

EcoNote | February 19, 2016 | By:

The Ecoalf Foundation has embarked on what it calls its most ambitious project: upcycling ocean plastic waste by collecting the trash from the seabed and transforming it into plastic yarn to make fabrics.

Ecoalf, through its Ecoalf Foundation funded HAPfoundation, has already launched the project, which aims to show that it is possible to clean the oceans—and recycle some of the collected materials into pellets, yarn, fabric and product. The foundation is working with Spanish leaders in waste management, technology and manufacturers of recycled yarn and fabric.

The apparel brand based in Madrid, Spain, has recycled fishing nets, plastic bottles, tires and more into jackets, shoes, and bags, but recently stepped up its commitment with its ambitious effort. Since last fall 160 fishing vessels have been trawling the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Levante, Spain, for their unique catch. With a reported 279,000 tons of plastic waste in the world’s oceans, they won’t run out any time soon.

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