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Collapsible fabric bathtub uses carbon fiber

Out There | February 19, 2016 | By:

Images and video: Carina Deuschl
Images and video: Carina Deuschl

A new design takes on the large, heavy and decidedly untransportable traditional bathtub with one made of fabric that collapses, weighs just seven kilograms and can easily be carried by one person and fit in the back of a car.

Prototyped by designer Carina Deuschl, “xtend” redefines the ordinary with a bathtub that folds up and becomes just 8.5 millimeters thin, fits in a container and can be “deployed” in minutes by one person.

Not only is the fabric waterproof and lightweight, it is also durable and soft, and can be smoothed out completely once the bathtub is filled with water. Made of carbon fiber and cut by using high pressure water jet technology, the padded fabric inlay is high performance, but comfortable and machine washable.

The ‘xtend’ can be used anywhere that a water connection is available. After a bath, the user drains the water from the tub via a pump system. All of its components, such as the water inlet, legs and fabric insert, can be attached to the space-saving plate for storage or transport, making assembly of the bathtub quick and intuitive.

The prototype was featured at the 2016 IMM Cologne (Germany) Pure Talents Contest that spotlighted up-and-coming designers from around the world.








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