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Kraig Biocraft Laboratories signs silk-production agreement with Vietnam

Industry News | March 11, 2016 | By:

Ann Arbor, Mich.-based spider silk fiber developer Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has announced the signing of a cooperative agreement with a Vietnamese governmental agency to develop and produce the company’s advanced silk technologies. Under the terms of the pact, Kraig Labs has agreed to form a subsidiary company in Vietnam and to open an advanced hybrid silk research and production operation.

Kraig Labs produces high-strength Dragon Silk™ using genetic-engineering technologies; it features strength and elasticity that in some cases is higher than native spider silk. The research and production agreement lays the groundwork for the production and further development of these advanced hybrid textiles.

Kraig Labs plans to finalize the formation of the subsidiary, lease a research and production facility in Vietnam, hire and train local staff, obtain permits, and begin cross breeding its silkworms with local commercial silkworm lines.

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