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Innovations in nonwovens the highlight TAPPI conference

Industry News | April 6, 2016 | By:

“Novelty” will be the focus of the 2016 Nonwovens International Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, scheduled for May 16-18 at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

Convention attendants will focus on novelty in terms of technology and sustainable products for new applications. Topics will cover developments in natural fibers, polymers, binder additives, and will features innovations in both fiber and nonwoven fabrics. Sustainable fibers and processes such as eco-friendly dyeing of cellulose nanofibers, novel antimicrobial finishing of cotton nonwovens, PLA co-polymer meltblown nonwovens, bi-component electrospun battery separator substrates are a few topics on the convention agenda.

The nonwovens conference, which is organized as part of the PaperCon Mega Conference, will open with a keynote speech on marketing by Ken Schmidt, former communications director of Harley-Davidson.

Greg Bunker, global business director for adhesives and functional materials at Dow Chemicals, will address innovation for the growth of the nonwoven business, especially using innovation in a nonwovens marketplace dominated by single-use consumer goods that have shorter life cycles. The conference will also feature two tutorials addressing nonwoven processes and filtration.

The Nonwoven Technologists and Engineers Division (NET) at TAPPI will provide a platform for academics, industry personnel and students in the field to network for advancing the science and careers.

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