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Floating Cloud is also a lamp

Out There | September 6, 2017 | By:

Photo: Richard Clarkson Studio

Floating Cloud, a magnetically levitating ambient lamp, merges the levitation technology developed by Dutch company Crealev with the form and function of the Cloud product of Richard Clarkson Studio LLC, Brooklyn, N.Y. The result of the collaborative project is a lamp, constructed of PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate), polyester fiber, magnetic and electrical components, resembling a cloud hovering above its base.

Embedded into both the base and the Cloud are magnetic components that allow the Cloud to float approximately 2.75 inches (70mm) off the base. While the base itself must remain plugged in, a rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the Cloud and enables wireless and unobstructed levitation while in use. The Floating Cloud also has sound-reactive LED lights.

The lamp is held in place using both rare earth magnets, electromagnets, and a location sensor. There is a discrete infrared locating beam in the center of the Cloud, which, if obstructed by an object (such as a hand) will result in the Cloud “falling off” its levitating balance point. If that happens, the product has a soft felt bottom to cushion the fall.

To return it to its floating position, pry the Cloud off the base and with two hands hold the Cloud roughly in position, slowly moving the Cloud from side to side until you feel it ‘lock’ in place. It’s designed for permanent levitation and can be charged while floating.

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Video: Richard Clarkson Studio

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