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Dynamic Modifiers introduces VersaCHAR PVC alternative

EcoNote | February 18, 2020 | By:

Dynamic Modifiers has incorporated its PAL technology in the company’s latest product, VersaCHAR. PAL compounds are an environmentally sustainable, 100 percent recyclable, olefin-based alternative used to replace melt-extruded flexible PVC, the company reports. The product is designed to be lightweight and meet non-halogen, low smoke (NHLS) flame retardant requirements of some green building standards for NHLS rigid parts or flexible films/extrusion-coated fabrics.  

According to the company, VersaCHAR compounds and concentrates are a non-halogenated, non-heavy metal solution that provide the highest degrees of flame retardancy achievable with polyolefins (olefins). This line of flame-retardant compounds and concentrates incorporates a char-forming additive formulation. The VersaCHAR compounds form high levels of noncombustible char bodies and entrained ash when exposed to intense heat sources. Formation of the char and ash block transmission of heat in the surrounding polymer, eliminating the spread of flame and deformation of the polymer. Almost no smoke or other toxic gases are emitted during or after exposure to flame or heat for any length of time, the company states.

Dynamic Modifiers reports that the product’s polyolefin carrier resins can be tailored for various melt flows rates or indices. During custom formulation, ultraviolet light stabilizers, processing aids, antimicrobial/fungicides, nucleators and pigments can often be incorporated. 

Dynamic Modifiers is a specialty compounder focused on sustainable and other custom polyolefin compounds and concentrates.

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