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Polartec announces latest Power Air technology

EcoNote | February 19, 2020 | By:

Polartec has announced its latest Polartec Power Air fabric technology, made to be 100 percent recyclable and circular, as well as 25 percent lighter than the initial product, according to a Knitting Industry article. Encapsulated lofted fibers within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction are designed to offer advanced thermal efficiency in the new product.

The company asserted that this particular fabric construction reduces shedding and it expects the fabric to provide shedding reduction to many apparel categories, including extreme weather protection and insulation. 

The product is manufactured from elasterell-polyester and recycled polyester. “Now fully recyclable and circular, Power Air is the latest product of the Polartec Eco-Engineering mission to create fabrics that further reduce environmental impact,” the company added. 

The new fabric is expected to be available to consumers in fall 2020. 

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