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Fabdesigns announces new location

In the Industry | February 20, 2020 | By:

Fabdesigns has moved to a new location to offer clients more convenient lodging, restaurants and transportation. The owners say the move to their new location, Agoura Hills, California,  was a result of listening to their clients. 

Bruce and Connie Huffa started Fabdesigns in 1988 and since then have been providing product development and technical training, developing and sourcing materials, and producing and prototyping 3D knit textiles for the automotive, medical, aerospace and other industries. The company matches businesses to well-suited 3D knitting machines and software, making creativity, efficiency and sustainability integral to operation. 

Many Advanced Textiles Source readers have heard Connie Huffa at IFAI Expos. She has a degree from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, where she also taught in the masters of textiles program. Her work has included designing textiles for customized designer knit apparel, extreme environment and aftermarket automotive applications, refined home goods, footwear and sporting goods. Connie has several patents and patents pending. Currently, she is working on photovoltaic, conductive, and smart fabrications. 

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