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Wearable speaker can be worn while running or cycling

What's New? | June 19, 2020 | By:

Developed by Kiev-based industrial designer, Ivan Zurba, this wearable sound system is designed to become a part of you during your exercise routine. Unlike typical portable bluetooth speakers, this device clips on the user’s forearm, allowing the user to listen to music on the move, whether walking, jogging or cycling. According to an article on, The device is composed of flat speakers with a double sided bass system, a 14000mAh battery, and inflatable waterproof fabric to cushion the user’s arm. 

Photo: Ivan Zhurba

Zhurba proposes the wearable sound system as the logical next step in the era of portable Bluetooth speakers, but this one comfortably goes with the wearer for any type of activity, from running to meditation. Furthermore, the wearer can feel the music’s vibrations, as well as hear it. 

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