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IFAI Expo 2020 celebrates 100 years – virtually

In the Industry | September 14, 2020 | By:

IFAI Expo has reached a milestone: it is 100 years old and it will host this annual event virtually. IFAI Virtual Expo 2020 offers a safe way for the industry to come together, participate in important discussions, learn about new research and developments, meet new people and find help in growing a business in a changing environment. 

This year IFAI Expo celebrates 100 years but will be hosting the event virtually. As part of this annual event, the Advanced Textiles Virtual Conference education will offered. Attendees can participate in the entire IFAI Virtual Expo 2020 Nov. 2-12.  In addition to the AT Virtual Conference, it includes an additional 15 hours of advanced textiles and other industry market education. After their scheduled times, all education sessions will be available to watch on-demand in the Virtual Event Center until December 12. 

Examples of sessions include:

“Designing Lightness: Structures for Saving Energy,” presented by Ed van Hinte, Lightness Studios, will discuss saving energy through weight reduction by rethinking structures with a sophisticated composite approach. 

Dr. Jan Beringer, Hohenstein Institute, will present “Smart Textiles Standardization – Active Illumination.” With no current standard for PPE active lighting, a new standard is in development to address performance and testing. 

Dr. Sasha Stolyarov, Advanced Functional Fabrics of America, will discuss recent breakthroughs in fiber materials and processing, which enables the development of multi-material fibers that could transform traditional textiles into highly functional systems with sensing, light emission, color change and other capabilities. 

“Smart Textiles: From Lab Prototypes to Commercial Products” will focus on the challenges that continue in the production process of smart textiles. It will be presented by Justine Decaens, Smart Textiles, Groupe CTT. 

For the complete agenda, education schedule, details on the presentations, and bios of the presenters visit An AT Virtual Conference Registration is required to participate in all of IFAI Virtual Expo’s educational offerings.

You may register to attend at

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