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Solight Design launches the SEEUS95 self-adhering mask

Out There | September 14, 2020 | By:

Photo: SEEUS95.

Known for its solar-powered and origami-inspired lighting, Solight Design, based in New York, N.Y., has ventured into the mask design arena with the SEEUS95 clear, self-adhering, earloop-free mask, which the company says can provide better protection than masks made with nonwoven polypropylene, woven or knit fabrics. 

The mask features a natural filter made of bamboo, silk, silver and carbon, and adds a skin therapy layer made of chitosan, a natural biopolymer used in skin rejuvenation for burn victims, hip replacements and in cosmetic applications.

The makers say that the mask is made of materials that are sustainable, kind to the skin and environmentally safe. Bamboo, for example, is strong, naturally antibacterial and absorbs moisture in the air, which carries viruses. The silk fiber is also strong and has an electrostatic charge that attracts viruses. Nano-silver has been shown to be effective against bacteria strains, and active carbon is a natural odor reducer. 

Video: SEEUS95. 

The silicone shield of the mask has an anti-fog coating, similar to scuba masks and swimming goggles, which will help reduce condensation. The mask has been shown to adhere to skin with sweat, staying in place for an hour.

The company recommends hand washing with soap and water, and sanitizing the mask by microwaving for three minutes, which also revives the stickiness. The company says that it is working towards an N95 rating in the U.S., and it is currently seeking funding ( 

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