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FlexTech Alliance initiates users groups

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FLEXTECH ALLIANCE WRIST ANTENNAFrom toys and games, freshness sensors, body media, and medical devices to applications in outer space and high-speed communications, flexible and printed electronics are influencing the ways companies develop advanced products and packages. To speed adoption of these technologies into a broad range of industries, FlexTech Alliance has formed users groups focused on two general application areas: wearable electronics and disposable electronics.

These groups will open the doors to a library of integration knowledge on flexible and printed electronics manufacturing techniques and solutions to challenges that always occur when new ideas are applied to practical implementation. The users groups will promote exchanges of ideas on technology roadmaps and experiences in fielding products, create dialog with supply chain companies, and facilitate pre- and non-competitive collaboration on promising technical developments.

Why flexible and printed electronics

FLEXTECH ALLIANCE RFID TAG“Cutting edge brands and users including GE, P&G, Bemis, Adidas and Lockheed Martin have publicly addressed or otherwise expressed interest in integrating flexible and printed electronics (FPE) into new wearable and disposable products, including product packaging,” FlexTech CEO Mike Ciesinski says. “Creating a forum to listen to these and other leaders is essential to accelerate the successful integration of FPE into the widest range of industries possible. FlexTech invites all users, including some that have never considered this type of technology , to take a look at what we are going to accomplish with these users groups.”

Flexible electronics are already incorporated into textiles, building materials and other surfaces, such as clothing that adapts to wearers’ needs and monitors physiology. It is anticipated that these applications can create ubiquitous, human-scale environmental intelligence.

How to participate

To prepare for the Users Groups launch and program, FlexTech is issuing a user survey. Results will be presented and discussed at the initial meeting, scheduled for February 6, 2014 in Phoenix, Ariz. Companies interested in the groups are invited to take the survey. For additional information and a User Group Prospectus, contact FlexTech at 1.408.577.1300 or email

FlexTech Alliance is a membership organization promoting the growth and success of the flexible and printed electronics industry through education and networking, evangelization and support for applied R&D. FlexTech coordinates collaboration between and among industry, academia, government and research organizations from R&D to commercialization.

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