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Wearable sensors for firefighters

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pages.pdfThe Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform (WASP) Shirt by Globe Manufacturing, Pittsfield, N.H., is a body-worn system that integrates physiological and location monitoring for real-time data collection. It is specifically intended to measure the stress placed on firefighters during the course of their duties, with an aim to reduce deaths and disability due to physical stress. Cardiac stress is the primary cause of firefighter fatalities in the field. The product tracks heart and respiration rates, activity levels and posture, among other physiological factors.

The sensors are mounted on the adjustable BioHarness 3 strap inside the flame-resistant, moisture-wicking shirt. The four-way stretch knit fabric is made from a blend of modacrylic, viscose, para-aramid and spandex.

The WASP shirt was among the top ten finishers in the 2013 Industrial Fabrics Foundation Innovation Awards competition.

WASP Shirt

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