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Hexcel’s multiaxial fabrics reinforce Dasyc’s hangar

Industry News | August 25, 2016 | By:

Hexcel’s HiMax™ glass fiber fabrics were selected by Greek company Dasyc SA for the manufacture of its Composite Modular Transportable Hangar. Constructed from prefabricated composite sandwich panels, the structure can be employed in a variety of civil or military applications. The use of the quadaxial reinforcements, made by Hexcel Reinforcements UK Ltd. (formerly Formax), enabled Dasyc to manufacture a composite structure with a strength equivalent to that of a concrete or steel building.

Dasyc developed the structure to address a need for mobile storage, parking and housing structures. Enabling rapid transportation, assembly and disassembly in any location, possible applications for the structure ranges from housing aircraft, helicopters and military vehicles to the storage of equipment at construction sites or airports. Field hospitals, on-site office space and disaster-relief/emergency-response facilities are additional examples.

To create the hangar, the composite panels are assembled to form arches. The length of the hangar depends on the number of arches used. The panels are manufactured at Dasyc’s production plant in Markopoulo, Greece, using a vacuum-assisted, resin transfer molding process. The 80mm-thick sandwich structures consist of a hard polyurethane core material between two laminate skins of glass fiber-reinforced polyester resin.

Dasyc has already delivered three hangars to the Hellenic Air Force. Hexcel supplied approximately 40 tons of glass fiber reinforcements for each of the hangars delivered to the Hellenic Air Force.

Composites developer Hexcel Corp. develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials, including carbon fibers, reinforcements, prepregs, honeycomb, matrix systems, adhesives and composite structures used in commercial aerospace, space and defence and industrial applications such as wind turbine blades.

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