Expanding the definition of “textile”

June 9th, 2022

The MINIMA MAXIMA installation in Kazakhstan by Marc Fornes is made from composite layers of perforated or ultra-thin powdered aluminum that mimic fabric. Photo: VERYMANYSTUDIO. When is a material a textile? When is a textile a fabric? The unprecedented scope of new materials in development—by academia, government-funded technology groups, and start-ups—is challenging traditional concepts of […]

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New problems, new solutions

November 8th, 2021

OPT Industries creates a range of custom-designed products from a single polymer 3D printing process. Photo: OPT Industries.  Addressing the challenges of scaling up for e-textiles and other novel materials.  by Janet Preus “We still have the post-development valley of death,” says Clare King, president of Propel LLC. Her company has been involved in developing […]

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3D printing comes into its own

August 10th, 2020

New collaborations sparked by COVID-19 are set to support growth for the sector. by Seshadri Ramkumar The shortage of personnel protective equipment (PPE) has spearheaded creative efforts around the world, with researchers working to produce new PPE products in an effort to meet the needs fueled by the pandemic. 3D printing has also supported the […]

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