Inner Mettle launches IM ViroBac fabric

October 21st, 2020

Inner Mettle (IM) has launched its latest product, IM ViroBac fabric, developed to reduce the risk of viral and bacterial transmission via surface contact applicable to a multitude of situations in a commercial environment, such as public transport, medical facilities and hospitality. The company says that testing has shown the fabric can reduce the human coronavirus by 97.5 […]

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Qmax World LLP pioneers anti-viral uniform fabrics

September 21st, 2020

Qmax World LLP, a manufacturer of uniform fabrics has announced the launch of SELF HEAL™ fabrics. Made in collaboration with the Australian Company making HealthGuard®, an antiviral and antibacterial treatment, this innovation promises protection to those in uniform, from health personnel to law enforcement, factory workers to students in school. The SELF HEAL™ fabrics' technique […]

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Israeli startup produces anti-pathogen fabric

March 23rd, 2020

An Israeli start-up company that developed an anti-pathogen fabric that could be used in masks to stop the spread of coronavirus is donating its first product – some 120,000 masks – to Israeli hospitals, medical professionals and coronavirus patients, the Jerusalem Post reports. “Sonovia Ltd. is determined to use its novel technology for the good of the […]

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