New chef jacket repels liquids and stains

June 19th, 2015

Australian startup Fabricor has created a hydrophobic chef jacket and apron, based on its patented nanotechnology. Chef Adrian Li, cofounder of the company, says he was frustrated with trying to stay clean at work. "As a chef I find it really difficult to keep my chef jacket white, and we like our jackets white for […]

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Australian startup creates a 100 percent cotton hydrophobic T-Shirts

February 20th, 2015

Threadsmiths, an Australian clothing technology company that develops nanotechnology integrated apparel, has created a 100 percent cotton hydrophobic t-shirt. Dubbed "The Cavalier,” it incorporates a lotus leaf-inspired nanotechnology that completely repels dirt and liquids, leaving the surface of the fabric dry and without stains. Lewis Pitchford of Threadsmiths, the business behind the shirt, says the […]

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