Looking ahead: the big picture

January 29th, 2024

Trends in the textile industry are apparently not easy to pin down; market researchers who study trends as a business agree on some, but not all. The degree of detail researched impacts the outcome, of course, and even market niche investigations generate hefty reports. Given the extensive reach of textile materials and products in the […]

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SMX develops textile recycling technology

October 16th, 2019

Security Matters (SMX), an Australian-listed Israeli technology solutions company, believes it can help keep some textiles and garments from being incinerated or placed in landfills.  Sorting materials so they can be recycled is the fashion industry’s greatest hurdle when it comes to creating a circular economy, a recent Knitting Industry article reported. To address this issue, SMX has […]

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WRAP to support textile recycling ideas

June 21st, 2019

UK-based campaign group WRAP has announced details of a new grant program to support projects that provide infrastructure and technologies with the potential to significantly increase recycling capacity for difficult-to-recycle plastic packaging or textile materials.According to information reported on sportstextiles.com, WRAP is looking for organizations that are creating new methods for recycling plastics or textiles […]

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Transparency, systemic incentives to offset textile waste

February 7th, 2018

A recent report by Reverse Resources says that an average of 25 percent of resources used to manufacture fabrics and garments is wasted. The company is offering ideas about how to reduce that figure. In an article in Raw Materials, researchers don’t pin the inefficiency on factories or label it a lack of responsibility on […]

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Recycling textiles is a gift to the Earth

January 3rd, 2017

According to the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART), more than 95 percent of all textiles can be recycled or reused in some way. While nearly half of what already is recycled is reused as apparel, the trade organization says, another 30 percent become wiping rags or polishing cloths used in commercial and industrial […]

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