Sensor yarns for health monitoring

November 27th, 2023

Researchers at DITF believe sensor yarns will be significant in many applications including for chronic wound care and vital sign monitoring. Photo: DITF. Smart textiles have so much possibility in the medical field, including wound healing and vital signs monitoring. Sensor yarns are a part of this future, as discussed by representatives of the German […]

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MIT researchers send sensing fabrics to the ISS for testing

December 21st, 2020

A team of MIT researchers has sent a panel of passive smart fabric samples to the International Space Station for a year to help determine how well these fabrics survive low Earth orbit. Photo: Space BD/JAXA and edited by MIT News A team of MIT researchers has sent samples of high-tech fabrics, some with embedded […]

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The expanding world of e-textiles

October 12th, 2020

IPC E-Textiles Summit covers innovations, markets and business advice. by Janet Preus A large group of presenters and attendees participated in IPC’s two-day conference on e-textiles recently, sharing insights about new technologies, the business of e-textiles, markets and trends. The textile industry, generally, has been quick to respond to industry needs throughout the course of […]

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