Collaboration produces plant-based nylon-6

July 25th, 2022

San Diego-based biotechnology company Genomatica, with its collaborator Aquafil, has successfully completed the first demonstration scale production runs for plant-based nylon-6. Aquafil is a major producer of nylon in Italy and worldwide. The new material is intended to contribute to reshaping the $22 billion nylon industry, enabling brands to meet demand from consumers for sustainable materials […]

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Toray develops plant-based nylon

January 24th, 2022

Japanese textile company Toray has launched a nylon fiber made entirely from plant-derived polymers. Toray says its new material, Ecodia ® N510, displays the same physical characteristics as conventional petroleum-derived nylon, with the equivalent strength and heat resistance, and excellent dimensional stability against humidity. The company has also announced its new ecodear® brand, which will integrate biopolymer […]

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NILIT launches Sensil® BioCare

April 26th, 2021

NILIT, a global provider of Nylon 6.6, has introduced Sensil® BioCare, a sustainable premium Nylon fiber enhanced with a technology that helps reduce the persistence of textile waste in sea water and in landfills. The product is the newest addition to the Sensil® portfolio of responsibly manufactured, environmentally considerate premium Nylon products that benefit the […]

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Toray Introduces environmentally friendly nylon

September 14th, 2020

Toray Industries Inc. has developed a new, more sustainable nylon that the company says represents a major step forward in its “Sustainability Vision.” The development makes it possible to create bio-based versions of Toray technologies such as Entrant® and Dermizax®.  Ecodear Nylon is 60 percent bio-based, developed with sebacic acid generated from Castor beans. The […]

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