Vicar unveils new threads

March 30th, 2015

Vicar International of Union, N.J., has added new colors to its Aqualon #92 polyester thread line. Now expanded to 32 colors, Aqualon thread matches the most popular acrylic colors available in the marine marketplace, including Sunbrella marine acrylic colors. Aqualon is specifically constructed for outdoor applications, such as awnings, patio furniture and automotive convertible tops. […]

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Spider silk sings in violin strings

March 1st, 2013

Spider silk, a sticky protein combination that creates flexible threads with the tensile strength of steel, is a natural substance fascinating to material scientists, who have investigated possible applications in everything from ballistic protection to medical devices. The problem is that spiders don’t spin commercial quantities of fiber. Silkworms do, and EntoGenetics Inc. (EGI), a […]

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