Partnership will scale up decarbonized, circular polyester

June 24th, 2024

Hyosung TNC, sustainable textile maker, says that it has partnered with Ambercycle, a material science company, to become the first manufacturer in South Korea to introduce a textile-to-textile, circular polyester into supply chains. The collaboration advances the partners' shared vision of a circular textile ecosystem that repurposes end-of-life products into high-performing fibers for brands looking to curb […]

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Syre is on a mission to decarbonize the textile industry

March 11th, 2024

Swedish textile impact company Syre has launched an initiative to decarbonize and eliminate waste in the textile industry through textile-to-textile recycling at hyperscale, starting with polyester. Initiated by Swedish investment firm Vargas, and fashion and design company H&M Group, Syre is supported by an industry supply agreement with H&M Group. Syre will establish multiple production plants […]

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Polartec announces latest Power Air technology

February 19th, 2020

Polartec has announced its latest Polartec Power Air fabric technology, made to be 100 percent recyclable and circular, as well as 25 percent lighter than the initial product, according to a Knitting Industry article. Encapsulated lofted fibers within a multilayer, continuous yarn fabric construction are designed to offer advanced thermal efficiency in the new product. The company asserted that this […]

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