Moncler and Zellerfeld introduce Trailgrip 3D sneakers

July 31st, 2023

Moncler and Zellerfeld debut 3D-printed Trailgrip sneakers. Photo: Zellerfeld. Italian luxury fashion company Moncler is inaugurating its venture into 3D printing by collaborating with American shoe company Zellerfeld to fashion a 3D-printed version of its Trailgrip sneakers using only recyclable mono-material. The single-thread ingredient that constructed the shoes is a decision from Moncler as part of its commitment to the eco-consciousness and a signature design […]

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Nike sneakers recycle in three pieces

May 23rd, 2022

ISPA Link owners can easily break the shoes down into the three components and drop them off to be recycled. Photo: Nike. Recycling sneakers has been a problem because of the methods and materials used to make them. Nike will soon launch its new ISPA Link, a sneaker made without glue that, at the end […]

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